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Faster Confirmations

Enjoy faster transaction confirmations, even with our free rebroadcasting service.


We are working with the largest Bitcoin mining pools and nodes. No altcoin transactions are accepted.

Fully Web-Based

No need to mess with apps/wallets. Everything is done on the site. Only the transaction ID is needed.

Why Is My Bitcoin Transaction "Stuck"?

If your Bitcoin transaction has not been confirmed within 10 minutes of being posted, it likely means that the transaction fee is lower than the current market rate. You or your wallet may have set a fee that is too low.

Additionally, the network may have become congested with a high volume of transactions right after you posted yours. This is a frequent occurrence and cannot be controlled. The transaction will remain unconfirmed until it is picked up by a miner willing to process it at the lower fee rate.

What Is Hooli1, And How Does It Work?

Hooli1 is a Bitcoin transaction accelerator that helps expedite the process of confirming your transaction. It works by re-broadcasting the transaction to some of the major Bitcoin nodes, ensuring that it reaches them and does not get overlooked.

Hooli1 also offers a premium acceleration service. With this option, your transaction is directly sent to the mining pools we partner with for priority confirmation. Consequently, it will be confirmed in the next few blocks, regardless of the current transaction fee, even if it is very low.

How Long Will It Take To Confirm My Transaction?

It is important to note: with the free rebroadcasting service, we cannot guarantee any outcome. There are periods of extreme network congestion when the free service can't help. During these periods, only the premium service can assist.

With the premium service, we guarantee the result. In very rare cases, there may be a delay. If, due to technical reasons, your transaction is not confirmed within 24 hours, the service returns the payment.

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